Assets review page opened

Shooter Game Tutorial

I have added new page with assets reviews! Everything will be in one place. If you are looking for good assets for your Unreal Engine 4 game this is the place for you!

Page contains assets that I’m planning to buy as well so you will have better understanding of what tutorials will come in long term.

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As indie should I work with Publisher?

Shooter Game Tutorial

Lot of my indie friends ask me if they need publisher to make success and what’s the pros and cons working with them. I have experience in both developing a game with a publisher, making a game for publisher and being publisher for developer.

In this post I will try to give you guys tips about this topic. It will be first post in Indie Development Tips category.

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Player damage indicators and dying effect

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In this tutorial I will focus on effects when player is taking damage. This will cover: PostProcess material for blood effect, Driving variables to Material, Distortion, Dying camera effect, Camera shakes, I have searched whole internet for player damage effects using post process materials but haven’t find anything. Hope it…